Sunday, October 11, 2009

Great Lake Swimmers Concert

Friday evening a band called Great Lake Swimmers performed a free concert in Meacham Auditorium in the Oklahoma Memorial Union. This band is not merely a local act desperately seeking recognition. Rather, Great Lake Swimmers are a Toronto based band with multiple successful albums who are leaving to tour Europe (again) next November. Fortunately, the University of Oklahoma has been privy to many fantastic concerts by amazing independent bands over the last several years, and there is no sign of this changing anytime soon.

In a few weeks, the hugely popular Owl City will perform on campus. Last year, Manchester Orchestra and Amos Lee played shows on campus. The Rocket Summer has played here on several occasions since I've been a student. There is ample opportunity for someone to see a great deal of really good concerts as long as they stay abreast of what the Campus Activities Council Concert Series Executive Committee is doing.

The Concert Series Exec is a group of students who schedule, promote, and work concerts that happen on OU's campus. From hanging up posters to chalking to carrying equipment to purchasing food and drink for the green room, Concert Series does the majority of the behind the scenes leg work that goes into making a show come to fruition.

I have been on this Exec since the first semester of my freshman year. As such, I have worked numerous shows. Each one is different, and new challenges constantly present themselves. I always enjoy being tasked with purchasing food for band members, especially when they request some obscure organic dish that is nearly impossible to track down in Norman, Oklahoma.

I am in no way complaining--I love being on this Exec. I am a big fan of music, so this is very fun for me. As the semester progresses I will post updates of upcoming shows and maybe even relay some entertaining behind the scenes tales, depending on if I will violating any statutes of limitations on outstanding warrants.

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