Sunday, November 29, 2009

Post-Thanksgiving Post

Last week I drove home Tuesday for a eagerly anticipated five day weekend. No family came to visit, so this year it was just my mom, my dad, and me. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at home. I definitely got caught up on rest. I watched a few movies with my dad, and I got my review for Funny People published, which can be found here.

I really enjoy that movie and definitely recommend it. Jason Schwartzman plays a really funny character in the movie, and he also contributes some songs off of his 2009 album Davy to the soundtrack. After preparing for the review, I just couldn't get some of his tracks out of my head. I have been meaning to pick it up for months, but this finally convinced me to purchase the album, which is by Schwartzman's one man band, Coconut Records. It is a fantastic album. Clocking in at just under a half hour, I have listened to the entire thing, start to finish, multiple times since buying it. It is definitely an outstanding album, top to bottom.

Thanksgiving itself was great. My parents prepared a delicious feast, which comes as no real surprise. We drank some good wine and enjoyed spending time together. I definitely came away from this break only anticipating the month long Christmas break that is so close yet so far away.

A friend of mine from high school who attends another university came over on Friday afternoon. We played video games and commented on how much we were looking forward to the break. Over the course of the break we will definitely be spending a lot of time over at my house doing just that.

December 16th is my last final and December 18th is when I will leave Norman for the month-long furlough. I have to finish strong.

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