Friday, April 17, 2009

Morales vs. Borgomeo Summary

Lorenzo Borgomeo, a lightweight based out of American Top Team, is cornered by WEC featherweight champion Mike Thomas Brown. Daniel Morales, his opponent, began the fight with a two solid low kicks in an effort to chop down his taller opponent. Morales went for a takedown but Borgomeo sprawled nicely. Borgomeo landed a sharp left hook that put Morales on his back. Borgomeo flurries in search of a finish, but Morales regained his composure. The rest of the first round Borgomeo displayed crisp boxing technique as he tagged Morales from a distance. The round ends with Borgomeo getting a Muay Thai plumb clinch and blasting Morales with some huge knees.

The second round opened with a heroic salvo by Morales. He rushed out at the bell and threw some bombs at Borgomeo. Borgomeo weathered the storm and began to really work the Thai clinch. One of Borgomeo's knees hit Morales below the belt, and the referee separated the fighters briefly. Lorenzo took the round based on decisive clinch work, despite the early flurrying by Morales. The third round began with Morales seeking a knockout. He threw big looping shots, but none landed. Both fighters were visibly winded, but Morales got a much-needed takedown. Morales was unable to get any offense going other than a haphazard ankle lock attempt, and Lorenzo reversed to top position. He dropped some big hammer fists before locking in a rear naked choke. Morales tapped out at 3:46 of round number three after a gutsy battle.

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