Sunday, April 12, 2009

What makes a blog "powerful"?

This article is titled the "The world's 50 most powerful blogs".  It lists 50 blogs, widely varied in content, and has a paragraph-long blurb explaining why each particular blog deserved a spot on the list.  

The blogs on the list are widely varied.  Blogs about politics, celebrity gossip, photographs, traditional diary-style confessional outlets, and even a blog dedicated to a computer game all make the list.  There are blogs geared for lesbians and blogs geared for the technology savvy.  I would venture to say that the list might just contain something for everyone.  

However, I did notice a few areas that seemed to be underrepresented.  There was one blog devoted to European football, but other than that sports blogs were noticeably absent from the list.  There was a blog dedicated to popular music, and several were solely focused on reporting on every insignificant detail of the lives of famous celebrities.  But blogs about other aspects of entertainment were missing from the list.  Where were the blogs about movies and television programs?

Also, the very name of the article bothers me.  "Powerful" is defined as "having or exerting great power or force".  Blogs do not exert force.  Sure, they may influence a few thousand readers on a regular basis.  So why not name the list the 50 most influential blogs?  Calling them powerful is ridiculous, especially when one examines some of the blogs on the list. is the epitome of sensational journalism.  Legitimizing it by calling it "powerful"
 only cheapens the word.

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