Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Texas once again displays true class...

Last Saturday, the University of Texas Longhorns football team held their annual spring game.  Nothing out of the ordinary came out of the scrimmage, except Texas claiming a title that doesn't belong to them.

The reporters who were at the spring game noticed an 2008 Big 12 Conference championship display with an asterisk inside the Texas training facility.  

The University of Oklahoma beat Missouri for the Big 12 championship last December after using BCS standings to break the tie with UT.  

The Texas assistant athletic director for media relations, John Bianco, told the media that Texas head coach Mack Brown "wasn't aware of the Big 12 title listing and will have it fixed."  

University of Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops, ever the classy sportsman, said, "It doesn't matter to me at all.  I know there isn't one (as asterisk) on ours.  I know where the trophy is."

University of Texas really comes off looking foolish in this one.  Sure, they had a tough break last season.  They had a great team that won a lot of games, and they did not receive an invitation to play for the Big 12 championship despite having beaten both teams playing for it.  

However, this does not give UT the right to go around re-writing history to suit their own pragmatic tastes.  OU beat MU for the title.  End of story.  Cry me a river, Bevo.  



  1. 39-33.

    Enough said.

    If Mack Brown didn't like the tie-break rule, he could've complained - like he does with everything - at the beginning of the season. It's nobody's fault but their own. And then to make things worse, Mack Brown comes out to media and says he knew nothing about that. He knew nothing about that? He's the head football coach. That's like not telling the preacher about a Tuesday night service. Not to mention they still gave out bonus'. Texas just needs to try their best to stay away from negativity in the media.

  2. Texas proved their poor sportsmanship with this stunt. I understand that Longhorn fans were upset but that does not make it okay to completely defy the BCS standings.

    I agree, Texas did have a tough season, they were an incredibly talented team but they lost so much respect because of the banner from so many schools, I'm sure.

    It is almost as if they put the asterisk on their banner because they were trying to justify why they put it up. It makes no sense.

    The championship is over and it's in the past. Texas, let it go.