Sunday, September 6, 2009

Birthday Post!

Today, I turn 21 years old. At this time in 1988, I was not quite 12 hours old.

As previously mentioned, I have been desperately staving off illness the last few days. With the long Labor Day weekend coupled with my birthday, my mother recommended I come home to both heal and celebrate. Although I was at first reluctant, I did in fact return to my home town Friday afternoon.

My mother ended up being correct, as mothers are wont to do. I had a fantastically refreshing visit, and I have returned to Norman feeling as though I may not fall into the germ-infested clutches of all-out sickness.

I still have to talk about my first radio show, but today is my birthday. I can write a blog post any day of the week, but a birthday only comes once a year. So I'm off to celebrate for the evening!

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  1. Happy Birthday fellow Terracina....glad you are feeling better.