Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Potentially Swine-Flu Laden? Yes.

All day I have struggled with a stopped-up nose, mildly sore throat, and that extremely annoying feeling of having to sneeze even though no sneeze ever occurs. Seeing as how my twenty-first birthday is Sunday, I can scarcely think of a worse time I could fall ill.

Having said that, this week has not been all bad. Tomorrow is my first day to host a radio show on The Wire, the campus radio station. I am taking a Journalism Practicum this semester for an upper division elective, so two hours a week I'll have my own radio show all semester long. Thursdays from 11-1, check out

I have grandiose plans of what I want my time on the air to eventually become, but right now I'm planning on starting slowly. Operating the radio board all by myself is quite a tall order. I am definitely intimidated. So tomorrow I plan to mostly play music, with brief, intermittent periods of talking throughout the two hours. I've got some really cool ideas for my show in the future though, so stay tuned for more details once I get my radio comfort level up.

Expect a post-radio show later this week!

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